Cave Life...Living in the Dark

This classroom activity will give students a hands-on experience of life underground. Individuals should come away with a better understanding of how cave life uses senses other than sight when underground.

Materials needed:

Divide students into two groups- parents and babies. Pair a parent and a baby and have each pair create a unique sound or combination of sounds such as two clicks or three clicks and a hum etc. Next give each baby a scent, to make it more challenging only use 4 to 6 scents depending upon the class size.

Each parent should familiarize themselves with their childs sound and scent. Separate the babies on one side of the room and the parents on the other. Next, blindfold the parents (to make it more challenging...blindfold the babies also). As a parent approaches the baby should hold out their scent and make their unique sound. The objective is for a parent to locate their baby with the use of sound and smell only.