The staff at Fantastic Caverns has been working to enhance the ever-popular Adventure Tour. In our Underground Classroom students will be divided into small study groups for special learning activities. There will be several opportunities for students to really get their hands-on science.

In this controlled environment students will first work in a team at a "fire pit site", carefully uncovering and identifying different artififacts. They will then be lead in a discussion about ancient fire pits and how they are a windown into daily life of the past. In addition, students will participate in primitive fire-starting techniques.

Next, with lanterns in hand, your students will enter a non-toured portion of Fantastic Caverns. Along the way they will encounter " primitive cave art", how early pigments were made, and try their hands at their own cave art.

Finally, with a little luck, students may catch a glimpse of some of the rarest and most unusual Ozarks wildlife, the cave crayfish or maybe even a blind cavefish.

Plus, it all take place in the cave's Underground Classroom where it's always a WARM 60° regardless of the weather outside.  The Adventure Tour also includes the all-riding educational tour of Fantastic Caverns. This is a special, 90-minute, hands-on experience designed for Grades 1 through 8.  Those participating are encouraged to wear "after school" clothes.