Student Field Trips at Fantastic Caverns are available throughout the year and are suitable for all grade levels. This 55-minute, all-riding educational cave tour enhances the understanding of caves, karst, cave life and groundwater.

Your students will learn about surface/subsurface relationships. Here in the Ozarks, caves play an inportant role in our daily lives. The remote regions of Fantastic Caverns are a natural sanctuary for some of Missouri's most rare creatures. Ozark cavefish populations remain in only a few sites. These tiny, white, and blind fish serve as a barometer for our ground-water quality.

Experienced interpretative staff members will generate discussions with the students on these topics as well as the natural and recorded history of caves and the Ozarks. Caves have also played a role in shaping history. From manufacturing gunpoweder to providing shelter, caves have been an active partners in developing this nation.