With summer school in mind, the staff at Fantastic Caverns has been working to enhance the ever-popular Summer Discovery. In our Outdoor Classroom students will be divided into small study groups for special learning activities. There will be several opportunities for students to really get their hands-on science.

In this controlled environment students will first work in teams at a simulated Missouri mastodon digsite, carefully uncovering and identifying the remains. In addition teams will apply the same techniques to a Mastodon trackway. They will then be lead in a discussion about the animal’s history, survival, and demise.

Below ground, your students will ride-thru Fantastic Caverns and experience the regions rich geologic heritage. With over 6,000 caves, it's no wonder Missouri is referred to "The Cave State". Students will learn about surface-subsurface relationships and about the responsibilities of preserving the Ozarks geologic heritage. In addition your class will discover how caves influence our daily lives.

Summer Discovery 2016 is a special, 90-minute, hands-on experience designed for Grades 1 through 8.  Those participating are encouraged to wear "after school" clothes.